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There was a rush between the period of August to December 2017, people were in a haste to purchase Bitcoins because the value of Bitcoins went up drastically and it reached over $16000/BTC.

And everybody was like Yeah!!! Bitcoins is the future. Those who had long minimized the issue of cryptocurrency started focusing on it. Bitcoins was all over the news. The first thing I heard when I turned on CNN was Bitcoins.

People rushed into to buying tens of thousands of Bitcoins. Some networks even started paying in Bitcoins. For the foolish ones, they went and bought Bitcoins because they felt it was some type of "get rich quick" scheme, where you could buy Bitcoins and the value goes up over night and become a millionaire.

Everyone around me started asking me if I have heard about Cryptocurrencies and what I think about it. Yeah I knew about cryptocurrencies and I made a lot of research.

Because of this growing demand I felt a burning desire to address the issue and help people who literary knew nothing about Bitcoins or Cryptocurrencies.


Actually everybody can speculate about the price increasing or decreasing in the future. What is happening now is that some people are simply speculating that the value of a Bitcoin might reach $1000000 by 2020.

But we still unsure. And when the market crashes I can bet you, there will be a lot of losers and winners too. But the winners will be very small compared to the losers.

In December the price of a Bitcoin was worth over $16000 and what happens in January, February and March is that it falls below $10000.

People are scared and the foolish ones who turned all their cash into Bitcoins are now regretting. This was the same thing that happened in the 90s when there was an internet bubble and every company that had a .com and sold shares to the public was gaining.

As people went in and bought shares in new companies. When the market crash happened, millions of people lost their money. That is the same thing happening now in the cryptocurrency space.

In the 90s sure many people lost their money but the smart investors who believed in the growing companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and invested there are now millionaires and some of them have reached the billion dollar mark.


One of the things, I will advice is for you to keep your calm and study. That’s it. STUDY.

There is just a lot of news now around Cryptos and most of the news outside there is fake, just as the many companies I saw that rose, created beautiful websites and started saying that they are mining Cryptos. Told people how to invest and get High ROI. What BS!!!!! and in the minute when crypto prices are falling some of them are nowhere to be found and they took billions of dollars from people's pocket.

If people could just get it once and for all that there is no such thing as fast money or something for nothing. Anyways to all who lost their money, here is the good news, this stuff called Cryptos is just starting.

The few winners will study it and get informed and well prepared before making any investment.

Take note that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. When doing any investment look at the long term of it. What will happen in the next 5-20years. This should be your main concern and not some short term gains or losses.

What we are still witnessing now with Bitcoins happened in 2011. It was called the "Great Bubble of 2011" where one bitcoin reached its all time value of $31.91/BTC. And just after 4days of reaching its highest price, the exchange rate plummeted to just $10/BTC.

During this period many investors panicked and sold their coins. Those who kept their coins made the right decision as we are seeing today the price escalated to over $16000/BTC. In every situation always keep calm and study.

We are in very great economy, right now there are thousands and millions of opportunities. I mean with the internet and social media, people are turning into millionaires everyday and why millionaires are being made many are still struggling and sinking into poverty. So to a few who spend their times educating themselves I HAIL YOU.


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